Posted Sep 24, 2020

Combyne Connections: How to Build Your Trading Network

The data doesn’t lie: Those farmers AND grain buyers that have a large network of Combyne Connections see more grain and hay deals.

Specifically from a farmer standpoint, the ability to get the best deal for your grain or hay is a function of the size of your trading network! Conversely, if you’re a buyer of grain or hay, by having a larger trading network, you’ll see more dealfow, and thus, find the best deals faster!

On the Combyne platform, having all of your Connections in one trading tool enables you to not only grow that network, but also enables you to showcase any grain-specific deals you might want to engage in.

And in the Combyne platform, the more Connections you create, the more opportunities you create for making those different deals. Further, the Combyne platform helps by notifying you of the deals posted by your trading network and notifying them of your deals too. Learn more about adding or inviting new Combyne Connections to grow your trading network through our video tutorial here or the embedded video below!

Grow Your Trading Network on Combyne!

Within the Combyne platform, you can build your trading network a variety of ways. As you make new Combyne Connections, you can make calls directly to them, view updated business details, and start conversations at any time. That said, once of the most consistent questions we get is,

“Why can I call certain people through Combyne, but not others?”

Quite simply, if someone is in your list of Combyne Connections, you’ll know by the little blue icon of a group of people next to their name. Conversely, if the person is not in your list of Combyne Connections, you will not be able to call them directly, but you can still start a conversation with them via a Chat, or send a invite to ask them to join your Combyne trading network via the Connect button. It isn’t until they accept your invite that you will be able to call them directly from the app.

In the Combyne platform, every conversation is between you and your trading partner. We are only here to help facilitate those conversations, and have no interest in knowing the details of your conversations.

Grow your Combyne Connections and expand your trading network!

In that light, as a Combyne platform user, you are 100% in charge of who sees your deals; you’re in charge when you talk to them; you’re in charge of to whom is in your list of Combyne Connections; and, you always have the option of making calls directly from the mobile app rather than through our messaging service.

With the Combyne platform, you have a personalized trading network for your agribusiness, and a wide variety of networking tools! Work with Combyne to help you grow your trading network by opening up channels for communication, trade, and education.

All-in-all, our intuitive Combyne platform is the simplest way to grow your trading network and this networking tool has been set up to help you succeed in trades and deals.


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