• Alain Goubau
  • CEO of Combyne
  • January 25, 2023

Alain Goubau's statement on Bayer Crop Science's acquisition of Combyne.


I’m excited to share that we’ve recently been acquired by Bayer Crop Science and have joined their suite of digital farming solutions. This acquisition aligns with Bayer’s broader effort to invest in solutions that support the increasingly digital management of farm operations. 

While under new ownership, Combyne will continue to operate independently from the broader Bayer organization. Through this acquisition, our aim is to also foster innovations that more seamlessly associate Bayer’s grain production management solutions with Combyne’s grain marketing management solutions. With added resources and association with a partner who shares our long term vision, we will continue to invest in the development of an integrated crop marketing management hub purposefully built around the needs of farmers.

What does this change?

On a day-to-day basis, it’s business as usual. Combyne and Bayer Crop Science are committed to offering the quality and service our users have come to expect and deserve. On a more exciting note, the added resources and investment capabilities now available to Combyne will accelerate the build-out of many new features suggested by our users. 

As such, those with a Combyne account may notice in the coming months Combyne’s increased ability to plug into the software farmers love and use in their daily operations – both on-the-farm and off-the-farm software tools and apps. We continue to be firm believers in the need to break down the information silos that often exist across different software and that is required to enable better decision-making in farm operations. Accordingly, we will continue to prioritize the development of Combyne Connect over the course of 2023.

We are currently exploring ways to create more seamless links between grain production and grain marketing management workflows – this includes integrating Combyne and Climate FieldView™, Bayer’s digital farming platform, though no formal timelines have been established yet. As we continue exploring, we actively welcome any ideas and suggestions on how Combyne and Climate FieldView (and other on-farm software tools) might work together to improve farm operation management and decision-making as it relates to grain marketing.

The acquisition does not, and will not change Combyne’s Data Policy and commitment to stewarding customer data. Both Combyne and FieldView, through their commitments to their Ag Data Transparency certifications, will ensure our users continue to determine how, when, and with whom their data is disclosed through our services. It also gives them the right to share, download, and delete information as they see fit. As with all our software integration partners, any integrations Combyne offers to facilitate data sharing will continue to require explicit opt-in from all of our users.

What does this mean for our team? 

As previously indicated, although we are now part of Bayer’s Digital Farming organization, Combyne will continue to work as a standalone business unit, operating at arm’s length from the broader Bayer organization, with an independent brand, software, customer data and team. This also maintains our ability and flexibility to collaborate and partner with non-Bayer software platforms and farm advisory service providers alike.

The core of our fully-remote team will remain based in Ontario and Alberta, with new hires expected across both Canada and increasingly in the US. 

As farmers have increasingly confirmed the value Combyne provides to their operations, we are also excited to share new offerings in the coming weeks, including a long anticipated premium subscription service.

Here’s to the future of crop marketing.

I would like to take a moment to recognize our users, partners and all other parties who have been invested in the success of Combyne. We are excited for the next chapter and look forward to continuing our journey with you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

With gratitude,

Alain Goubau 

CEO, Combyne Ag

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